1. yamjoy:

    Gaia Gear - Hiroyuki Kitazume

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  2. geraldparel:

    Silver Surfer #5 Variant Featuring Gamora and Rocket Raccoon.

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  4. jimchadwick:


    Jack Kirby, the greatest and most prolific comic book artist of all time, was born 97 years ago today, August 28, 1917. Gone 20 years now, his legacy lives on now and forever. Long Live the King!

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  5. ungoliantschilde:

    some Wolvie by Adam Kubert.

  6. mtakara:

    New York Comic Con 2014 sketch - X-23

    commission list AND nycc sketch list are both open. for more info: mtakaraart@yahoo.com

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  7. outofsteparts:

    I just added chrisvisions' original covers for the Dead Letters comics issues 2-5 to the OOSA store. (#1 already sold)


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  9. brianmichaelbendis:

    Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar

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  10. morioh:

    Cody Starbuck by Howard Chaykin

    Heavy Metal, Spring and Summer ‘81

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