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    Frank Miller in black and white.

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    David Mazzucchelli.

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    Famous Detective PinUps by Frank Miller.

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    Some of my favorite panels and pages I’ve done from Invincible issues 112-113.

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    THE KITCHEN issue 2 
    Written by Ollie Masters
    Art by the goddess Ming Doyle
    You guys are gonna love this book. Coming from Vertigo!

    November, November, November!!

    Goodness gracious, I love this cover. 

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  7. Iron Fist by by Kaare Andrews
    Iron Fist by by Kaare Andrews
    The Punisher by Kaare Andrews
    Iron Man and Captain America by Kaare Andrews


    Iron Fist, The Punisher, Iron Man and Captain America Commissions by Kaare Andrews

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    Marvel by Moebius.

    A great artist can take a classic design and make it their own while keeping the essence intact. Moebius was definitely one of the greats.

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  10. Jakub Rebelka