1. comicblah:

    The first actual appearance of Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man #42, art by John Romita Sr.

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  2. honey-rider:

    Attributed to HARRY BARTON (American, 1908-2001). The Other Woman, paperback cover, 1960

  3. palmandlaser:

    Dennis Mukai (1984)

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  4. joekeatinge:

    Well, look here! The complete Shutter Vol. 1 cover, trade dress and all. Big thanks to the fine folks at imagecomics​ for getting this one together.

    This is coming to you November 12th — 136 pages collecting the entire first arc. Still preorderable by Diamond code ICSEP140652. Only $9.99. 

    (And if you’re remotely near Annapolis, MD, come hang out with leiladelduca and me at thirdeyecomics on November 15th for the TPB release!)

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  5. junnunez:

    New York Comic Con 2014..

    Khary Randolph.  ’Been awhile since I’ve run into Khary, and I’m glad I did. We’re both contributing art to a hush-hush project about a major Hip-Hop icon, which we’re both eager to start already (hint, damnit)!  Khary’s a major talent who’s worked on everything from Spidey to TMNT, and is a character designer for animated properties.  Wicked talent.

    Yoo!! Good seeing you Jun!!

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy. Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez.

  8. joy-ang:

    Painted the girl and her wolf.

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  9. kaganmcleod:

    Life drawings from this week, 5 and 10 minutes each.

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  10. ryannorth:


    new monthly comic starting in January

    me doing words

    Erica doing art

    and it’s gonna be TOTALLY GREAT

    read more in Entertainment Weekly!

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